Great inspiration to use Revit’s API…

Originally posted on Boost Your BIM:

Writing about the Copy/Monitor UI, Steve mentions that “It would be cool if Revit identified the elements and types that are actually in use in the linked file”

The Revit API can’t modify the Copy/Monitor UI, but the API can be used to identify the elements and types that are actually in use in the linked file.


publicvoid levelTypesInLink()
    Document doc = this.ActiveUIDocument.Document;
    foreach (RevitLinkType linkType innew FilteredElementCollector(doc).OfClass(typeof(RevitLinkType)).Cast<RevitLinkType>())
        string usedLevelTypes = "";
        string notUsedLevelTypes = "";
        Document linkDoc = getLinkDoc(doc, linkType);
        foreach (LevelType levelType innew FilteredElementCollector(linkDoc).OfClass(typeof(LevelType)).Cast<LevelType>())
            if (new FilteredElementCollector(linkDoc).OfClass(typeof(Level)).Cast<Level>().Where(level => level.LevelType.Id == levelType.Id).Count() > 0)
                usedLevelTypes += levelType.Name + ", ";
                notUsedLevelTypes += levelType.Name + ", ";
        TaskDialog.Show("Level Types in " + linkDoc.Title,
                        "Used\n------\n" + usedLevelTypes + 
                        "\n\nNot Used\n---------\n" + notUsedLevelTypes);

private Document getLinkDoc(Document doc, RevitLinkType linkType)

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