The Best Class Ever

I’m so happy to be teaching my Computer-Aided Design for Architects class again at LA Trade Tech College in downtown Los Angeles, close to Staples Center and USC. It seems the students keep getting smarter, more motivated and able to learn things more quickly and deeply each passing semester. Perhaps it helps that I’ve been teaching the same class since August of 2004, keeping up with software upgrades and other improvements I notice in the industry.

This semester I have added Revit to the class, as an optional program to complete the projects, to complement AutoCAD Architecture / MEP.

There is technically no requirement to take my class! This makes it challenging. The requirement I have set is that you must be able to speak English with a vocabulary of the 1,000 most frequently used words.

We spent the first day learning about general computer operation tasks and the Windoze [sic] Operating System. We covered the Intellimouse, click, drag, right click, wheel button, zooming and panning, OS GUI, how to run programs, task bar, start button, alt+tab, shift+alt+tab, etc. We even went a little deeper into the multiple ways Windows provides to run programs that are less obviouos, such as using Start>Run, the Windows Explorer (Win+E) and even from an old fashioned DOS command prompt window.

If any of you want to learn BIM 3D Modeling Rendering and 2D Production CAD, please feel free to follow this discussion and ask questions. I may even be able to give you guest access to my college website and online videos.

Warm regards from Los Angeles,

Emmanuel Garcia

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2 Comments on “The Best Class Ever”

  1. Stanley M. Ruiz Says:

    I enjoyed reading your articles here, and feel encouraged again to go deeper into my work. It seems like it has been so long ago since I tried to learn any new concepts or commands other then the ones I use repeatedly to accomplish the work I am required to do. At the time I was introduced to CAD it did stand for Control Alt Delete so I do have a bit of catching up to do. Again, thanks for all of these tips. They are very helpful. Thanks!


    • caddguru Says:

      Thank you very much for your kind words. They motivate me to write and share more. Thanks!

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