3D Modeling the Curvy Guitar Body Part – The Video

Finally, almost a year after creating the original video, which lasted about 21 minutes, I got around to editing it down to about six minutes. It’s amazing how easily you can:

  1. Import a reference image, it’s like adding an XREF
  2. Use the ALIGN command to rescale
  3. Use the PLINE command to trace over the shape of half of the guitar, while creating perfectly adjacent tangential arcs
  4. Use EXTRUDE command to turn the 2D shape into a 3D solid part
  5. Use the SOLIDEDIT > Body > Shell feature to carve out most of the original solid and leave only a thin shell like a real guitar
  6. Use the MIRROR command to model the second, symmetrical half
  7. Use the SUBTRACT command to remove the music sound hole
And it’s done. It’s as manageable as it sounds, but not the kind of result you should expect in one single, slam dunk kind of a step. Be patient.
Here it is:
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2 Comments on “3D Modeling the Curvy Guitar Body Part – The Video”

  1. comandos mágicos pline pedit extrude subtract. eu adoro e uso.

    pline command magical pedit extrude subtract. I love and use.

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