Top 10 List of “What BIM is NOT…”

Edited chickenhamlet2

Building Information Modeling, or as I like to call it, “Building Intelligence (or even Intelligent) Modeling,” AKA BIM is a poorly coined acronym because its meaning is vague.

  1. Not a program. In general, it is NOT a piece of software. In particular, it is NOT Revit, nor ArchiCAD, VectorWorks or Microstation. While Revit and these other programs are certainly capable BIM-Aiding Tools, there is no guarantee that a user is actually performing Information or Intelligence Modeling while using any of these programs.
  2. Not a noun, verb nor conventional word. It’s an acronym whose meaning may signify different things to different people.
  3. Not Parametric Change Engine (PCE).
  4. Not a method. OK, I don’t really mean this one. <SMILE> However, you would still have to define the method it represents. Good luck and best wishes coming up with a recipe that is a one-size-fits-all solution.
  5. Not a smart requirement in a list of prerequisites for eligibility to even bid for a project.
  6. Not an insurance policy or antidote against idiocy, carelessness or negligence. Neither is it an assurance of due diligence or minimal level of care.
  7. Not a replacement for high quality relationships that generally require years of work and effort to create. This includes harmony, communication and trust among development, design and construction team members.
  8. Not Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). Nor is it a replacement for Drafting or even paper drawings.
  9. Not real. It’s a real-design-wannabe. The word design encapsulates everything that is great and necessary to solve problems. BIM is not essential, though very helpful, to communicate and work together to design, construct and develop great buildings.
  10. Not everything. Therefore, this list may continue to grow in a never ending manner. BIM, as an ineffective acronym. It makes communication be as clear as mud.


Do the world a favor and stop using the acronym BIM if you can. Instead, communicate clearly by using more direct words that convey the concept(s) that you find inspiring or empowering.

BIM is an acronym whose meaning can only be explained in terms of percentages after taking a poll. To make the results meaningful please process the attached poll and invite your most meaningful friends or associates to the same. You can vote for your favorite 5 items and add one of your own. The results will be here for your reference.

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