What is Your Favorite Past AU Venue other than Las Vegas?

Chicago Navy Pier

Chicago Navy Pier Site of AU '96

Las Vegas is a pretty good location for AU. However, I have fond memories of other venues, too. Here are my top picks in order of preference, along with a brief reason why:

1. Chicago ’96. It is a beautiful city. Navy pier and its convention center had comfortable facilities, despite the Union work issues. The pizza is great and there are several architectural places of interest to visit. The weather was perfect, I think it took place in early October.

2. San Francisco ’94 and other years. Frisco is another great city with pretty good weather. Because it is so close to the Autodesk Headquarters, this is a great place for those of us who enjoy meeting the actual developers of the programs. San Francisco is also a very commuter and visitor friendly city, possibly because of all the routine tourism it attracts. The BART and taxis work great.

3. Philly ’98: This was another great venue with lots of historical sites nearby. It was funny how Bentley parked a bus right in front of the museum where one of the evening events was being hosted. The hotel and conference center were linked by a tunnel across the street and the commute distance from your hotel room to the conference floor was a record-setting short walk. There was also great food in the market downstairs, including very fresh vegetable and produce.

4. Los Angeles ’97: The highlight of this AU was arguably the exclusive rental of Universal Studios for one of the evening events. But don’t plan on using public transportation, though. The Gogo’s song, “Nobody Walks in LA,” still applies despite the millions wasted by the Metropolitan Transit Authority. Remember SIGRAPH takes place in LA every couple of years, though some might argue the main reason is the close proximity to several of the best 3D Animation studios in the world.

5. Other cities at Mini AU’s or Regional AU’s did not provide quite the same complete satisfaction feel of full fledged AU’s. They felt like bigger than usual Local User Group Meetings.

6. I did not attend Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Orlando, Tokyo, Shanghai but would love to read feedback from those fortunate enough to have experienced it live.

You can vote using the attached link or by reading my blog found at https://caddguru.wordpress.com

Warm regards from Bellflower, California


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