Counting the Ways to End a Revit Command Playing It Safe

Capture Revit Architecture 2013 Desktop IconEnumerating a list of methods to perform tasks in Autodesk products in general and Revit in particular is a dangerous thing because you might simply be stating the extent of your knowledge, or lack thereof.

As of Release 2013, there seem to still only be six (6) or fewer ways to end a Revit Command. As you may already know, Revit is no lazy bum. It wants to be working constantly, ready to follow your every wish and command. To that end, Revit insists on always working on a command. The closest you can come to not being in the middle of a command, is to be in Modify mode, which gives you access to Modify commands. So in reality, the program never seems to be resting.

Here’s “six” ways to end a Revit command:

1. Press ESC key. Ouch! After years of using Revit, this is still a painful though arguably the most convenient choice. Call me old schooled, but ESC to me is synonymous with Abort, Bail Out, Cancel, Cry Uncle, Give Up or even Jump Ship. It is pretty convenient, though.

Capture Revit Architecture 2013 Modify 2. Look in the Ribbon for “Modify” and click on it. The problem here is that you have to somewhat carefully aim correctly with the mouse, something you may not appreciate doing when you have a deadline a few minutes away. This takes two actions, aim the mouse and shoot.

3. You can type MD. This takes two clicks. Not too bad, except you also need to hunt and peck for keys and/or use two hands. That slows things down too much. Via KS (Keyboard Shortcuts) you could define a new command alias that uses AA, DD, FF or XX, all of which aren’t already assigned to a command in the default program install and keep your right hand in its home position. RR for Rest & Relaxation is already assigned to RendeR.

3.5 You could also use B as a shortcut, since B’s are not assigned as shortcuts in the default installation. This only takes one click! You can even think of it as a B for Break.

4. Use the right-click context-sensitive screen cursor and press Cancel… This takes two clicks.

5. You can start another command. This also takes one click, except, how often is your goal to simply take a five second breather? Winking smileStarting a Revit command ends the previous command.

6. ___________ Please fill in the blank if you know another method. There is always another way possible using the Revit Application Programming Interface but that might be a topic for a future Blog entry.

I wish pressing Space Bar in quick succession would end a command, or an extended right-click button press, but those methods aren’t easily possible to do, yet. Please comment on your favorite method and why. 

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