CAD Revit Tip = SHIFT Key Orthogonal Constraint Toggle + Command Modifier

If you press the SHIFT key, while in a command, such as the wall command, the cursor movement becomes constrained the same way F8 Ortho On works in AutoCAD, as a toggle switch. Some elements and operations, may default to orthogonal or free displacement. SHIFT allows you to toggle, reverse or switch the setting.

Unfortunately, you can’t both continue pressing SHIFT and type a distance. As soon as you let go of the SHIFT key, the cursor is likely off a 90 degree angular snap increment. This method works as long as you specify a distance by clicking.

The SHIFT key, among other things, also lets you remove objects from a selection set. CTRL lets you add them.

If this wasn’t enough, While in a 3D view, SHIFT + Middle Mouse Button or Wheel Dragging puts you instantly in Orbit mode. The SHIFT key also does all sorts of things in tandem with the navigation wheels, acting as a command modifier.

Finally, but only in the sense that I don’t want to risk boring you to tears about the great power of SHIFT, you can use it to create even more custom keyboard shortcuts. Enjoy!

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  1. Nice . This shortcut Key is very useful for users. I read your other post and all are very good post. your this BIM post ( is very nice.

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