Top 13 Navisworks 2013 Shortcuts

20121030 1039 Navisworks Manage 2013 Capture

Navisworks is an amazingly simple yet powerful CAD and BIM program. It sometimes feels like AutoCAD, Revit and 3D Studio Max all rolled into one program but with the friendly simplicity of a video game for kids. It really is a fun program to work with!

To make your Navisworks Learning experience a pleasant and efficient one, I suggest you pay close attention to the Default Keyboard Shortcuts I will mention here. As time permits, I will create short and sweet videos demonstrating the essential steps and ingredients for Navisworks success.

Here’s a table with my current Top 13 Favorite Default Keyboard Shortcuts for Navisworks Manage 2013:

Shortcut Description Comment
PgDn Zooms to selected objects Very handy.
SHIFT, CTRL Used to modify the middle mouse button actions You must learn *all* these in the first 30 minutes!
ALT Turns the keytips on or off I must admit having second thoughts…
Ctrl + 1 Turns on Select Mode To snap out of the most useful shortcut Winking smile
Ctrl + 2 Turns on Walk Mode Most useful shortcut. This is where Navisworks shines!
Ctrl + 7 Turns on Orbit mode If you learn SHIFT and CTRL mouse combos this is less relevant
Ctrl + A Displays the Append dialog box Bring ‘em in!
Ctrl + F Displays he Quick Find dialog box Remember, BIM is about using relational databases. Here’s a good start!
Ctrl + F2 Opens the Clash Detective window Learn this in the first 90 minutes. This is where the real Navisworks begins.
Ctrl + F12 Toggles the Selection Tree window Another window to the database and BIM
F11 Toggles Full Screen mode This and shortcuts will make the world think you’re a wizard!
F12 Opens the Options Editor Know everything here
Shift + F7 Toggles the Properties window More data friendly features here.

As time permits I will post follow-up videos demonstrating why each of these shortcuts is the best invention since slice bread. Enjoy learning these! It will pay off in more ways than one.

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