Ace CAD: Make Learning It Social & Simple

Learning to Fly by Tom Petty

While there exist the undeniable human nature components of Extroversion and Introversion, I don’t think these two traits lie along a single continuum. Instead, I believe they take up two different channels and are not mutually exclusive. Indeed, the E vs. I debates, are usually about personal preference, not about which one you have and which one you don’t.


Therefore, take advantage of any ounce of Extroversion you have and motivate yourself to learn more by learning with others or in a group, as large as this one or as small as two. There are multiple advantages to this approach, including but not limited to:

A. Accountability. If you know you have to show up because others will, too, you’re more likely to do it. This works particularly well with physical exercise but it also applies to learning in general.

C. Comparison. You must tread very carefully here. Comparing yourself to others may lead to all sorts of misery. But some comparison can be healthy and a great motivator. For example, learning that three year old children can use (sometimes to an amazing extent) iPads and iPhones might inspire you to learn figuring, "a child can do it!"

E. Economy. While small, personal learning groups are great they are also expensive and not always the best medium to learn. You can achieve more than great economies of scale by learning in a group. Even better, you can experience "cross pollination" as you hear the questions your classmates or peers contribute which you would have missed learning on your own.


Put the power of ACE (Accountability / Comparison / Economy … not Architecture Construction Engineering) to work for you to learn CAD today. How? Here’s 3 easy and convenient ways to get started:

1. Simply ask a CAD question here: This link will take you to my LinkedIn A CAD Community Connection CAD Professional Networking Group, a great place to discuss any CAD program with almost 9,000+ fellow CAD pros & mentors.

2. Share a CAD problem or challenge right here, through my Blog’s comments.

3. Call me through my website to discuss your learning goals and CAD wishes privately.

And remember that it is in giving that we receive. Think you know something? Try to teach it. Share it with others. As Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.” He is one of the most famous Introverts (INTP if you’re into temperament typing) and a great source of inspiration to keep learning and teaching simple.

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