Revit’s Optimal Way to Control Font and Similar GUI Sizes

I think I may have finally found the optimal way to both control the size of the display of text and other items in Win 8.1 while keeping Revit happy.

For about a year, I had been using and suggesting the “Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays” and setting that to a value equal or less than 150%. Going beyond will make Revit hiccup, or worse.

This morning I tried using the Smaller to Larger slider and set it right in the middle. Then used the drop down list to change, individually, the size of Title bars, Menus, Message boxes, Palette titles, Icons and Tooltips. If you select either extreme, Smaller or Larger, you will see these options get grayed out and you get a warning that not all changes might take effect until you restart.

Setting it to medium and adjusting items individually is working much better in Revit, and I believe AutoCAD and other CAD programs are probably following suit. In particular, I will check out AutoCAD’s Layer Manager dialog box, which tends to be either too tiny or too huge in high resolution displays.

#Revit Tip of the Day = Optimal Way to Control Display in Win 8.1

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