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Certification Tips


caddguru Certified

caddguru Certified


Before you embark down the Certification expedition, I suggest you first examine your motivation for becoming certified. While it may get you a job, or at least an interview, it may not necessarily help you hang on to your employment. Taking any class or test just for the sake of graduating or passing it, is only a small fraction of the real benefits. Please focus on the aspects that really matter, learning and mastering the programs.

Begin by reading all the F1 Online Help content that covers the main points required for certification. Start here:

If using the Help along with the roadmaps isn’t enough, then you may consider buying a Certification guide. Most authorized courseware titles are keyed to specific certification requirements. Therefore, look for this feature before you buy a textbook. While it may not improve the quality of a textbook, it certainly will not hurt.

Finally, focus on learning and mastering instead of merely passing. It may be humbling but it’s always also a learning experience.


CAD Revit Tip = SHIFT Key Orthogonal Constraint Toggle + Command Modifier


If you press the SHIFT key, while in a command, such as the wall command, the cursor movement becomes constrained the same way F8 Ortho On works in AutoCAD, as a toggle switch. Some elements and operations, may default to orthogonal or free displacement. SHIFT allows you to toggle, reverse or switch the setting.

Unfortunately, you can’t both continue pressing SHIFT and type a distance. As soon as you let go of the SHIFT key, the cursor is likely off a 90 degree angular snap increment. This method works as long as you specify a distance by clicking.

The SHIFT key, among other things, also lets you remove objects from a selection set. CTRL lets you add them.

If this wasn’t enough, While in a 3D view, SHIFT + Middle Mouse Button or Wheel Dragging puts you instantly in Orbit mode. The SHIFT key also does all sorts of things in tandem with the navigation wheels, acting as a command modifier.

Finally, but only in the sense that I don’t want to risk boring you to tears about the great power of SHIFT, you can use it to create even more custom keyboard shortcuts. Enjoy!

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Reading & Evaluating “Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011: No Experience Required” by Eric Wing


I’m updating this old and cryptic blog entry created from twitter to give you an update as of 2012.05.19. This is becoming one of my favorite books to use for training Revit beginners. I wish I had a copy of the latest version as it’s likely that it may have improved. However, book appears destined to become a timeless classic, as the very basic and essential commands and procedures tend to remain the same for years on end.

You can read more information about the copy and order your own copy here: